Have Your Goals and Resolutions Become Habit?

It takes 21 days to make a habit.  We are now 22 days into the new year, so I wanted to check in on some of my goals and resolutions and how I have been doing.  If you’ve already fallen off some of your resolutions and goals, I encourage you to start fresh and keep trying.  It’s never too late to work towards your dreams!

Gratitude:  One of my goals was to write down daily gratitudes.  I haven’t quite made a habit of writing them down, but I feel like overall I’ve had a more grateful attitude when I reflect on how the day went.  As January continues, I hope to be more consistent with writing them down!

Morning Routine:  I’ve been working on getting up early and going to Starbucks with my roommate more regularly.  But for me this goal is hit or miss.  Some days, I’m up and ready to go and other days I just cannot get out of bed.  My goal is to have a solidified morning routine by the end of February.

Reading: I finally made a Goodreads account to help keep track of the books I read.  In breaking down my 2018 goal, I need to read three books a month.  January is almost over and I’ve finished one so far and am halfway through a few others.  I think I have a good start to reaching my goal on this one.

Water: I think this has been my most accomplished resolution so far.  Drinking more water has definitely become a habit in the past 22 days.  I don’t always keep track of how much water I drink daily, but I have increased my tendency to grab water when I am craving a snack or when I feel thirsty.

Exercise:  This is also something that I’ve been working on this month.  My roommates and I have been doing some workouts from the program Revelation Wellness.  This has been really encouraging to get back into working out.  I’ve also been doing some challenges I found on Pinterest.

Budget:  I haven’t written out my budget this month, but I am being very aware of my spending and trying to cut back.  I am trying to only purchase things I need and only investing in adventure (for example, a ski trip).

Explore:  I already feel like I’ve done a good deal of adventuring this month, even if it’s local.  I’ve been to Milford, Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, Traverse City, and Crystal Mountain.  I’ve walked around towns, tried new restaurants, sat in cute coffee shops, shopped in little boutiques, and braved the slopes of Crystal. Fun fact:  it was only my second time skiing (aside from once on a bunny hill as a tot) and I only wiped out once on the steep and icy black diamond run that I attempted! 

Bucket List:  My bucket list is largely travel oriented, but I think that I’ve made the most of this month so far and investing my time in people and travels which is ultimately the theme behind my bucket list items.

How have your goals and resolutions become habit?  What do you still need to work on?

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