Initial Impressions of Cancun

*Due to technical difficulties, this wasn’t posted on Friday like I intended.  This will replace the post I planned for yesterday which will be posted tomorrow instead!  So sorry for the inconvenience!

Our flight got in last evening after it was already dark. Because of this, I wasn’t able to take a ton of the beauty in. But there was one thing I knew for sure. The weather was glorious. Coming from cold, snowy Michigan, I felt like I walked off the plane and into heaven.

The first thing we did was check out our room. It’s honestly not the greatest room, but also it’s just somewhere to sleep. There is a mini bar that is restocked every other day and a balcony that overlooks the ocean and the lagoon. To add to our… interesting first impression, this little creature greeted us on the bed.

Despite this, we set out to explore what we could! We snuck into the dinner buffet shortly before it closed and we’re able to get some food into our stomachs. We walked around the hotel to get a feel for the place and to find different locations. We sat out by the pool and relaxed before heading upstairs to bed.

The bed honestly wasn’t very comfortable. However I woke up to some beautiful views on the balcony.

I went to the little gym this morning to go for a brisk walk on the treadmill. It was awesome being able to look out to the ocean there.

The hotel itself, Riu Caribe, is beautiful. The lobby, where I’m sitting writing this, is open and breezy. The hallways have window holes so everything is fresh and open.

There is beautiful tropical artwork around the hotel and the pool and beach are lovely!

I am loving it here so far! I did a demo dive in the pool today and plan to go on some excursions the next few days! I’ll be posting more on Monday!  **edit: Wednesday due to technical difficulties**

Hope everyone is having an awesome day!

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