Excursions in Cancun

Happy Monday everyone!  I want to start with an apology.  Ever since traveling home a week ago, I’ve just felt a little off.  I felt like I couldn’t get back into my routine and the days seemed to fly past without having a moment to breathe and catch up with all my chores.  I finally feel like I’m getting back to normal this week, so here I am still posting about Cancun a week later.

Y’all this trip was incredible so I am really excited to share with you about excursions today.

Depending on how extraverted and adventurous you are I would say definitely plan for at least one day of excursions, more if you’re up to it.  We encountered a few mishaps so our main excursion didn’t come to fruition due to a travel advisory put out by the US government warning against travel in Playa Del Carmen.  We decided to play it safe and avoid the area.

But if you get a chance, we had hoped to go to Xplor.  This park has zip lining, rafting, underground rivers, amphibious cars, and more.  It sounded like a really great experience and I hope to go there one day.  If you’ve been there, I’d love to hear about it.

On the day we had planned to go there, we instead braved the public transportation system.  I feel like you can really say you’ve explored a city when you get around like the locals.  We rode the bus a few miles down the road to the larger Riu hotel and explored a little bit around there.  We found a Starbucks and of course had to get a little coffee too.  It was nice to see a little bit more of the hotel zone and venture outside of our resort.

I love adventure so in addition to that, I also booked a three tank scuba dive.  With that, we practiced in the pool with the first tank and learned what to do in the event of emergencies or accidents (like dropping the breathing regulator).  I felt comfortable swimming around in the pool water, but was so ready to get out in the sea.

With that, we had two tanks left for diving.  We went to both the subaquatic art museum and the reef for about 30-40 minutes each dive.  It was honestly the coolest thing to be able to see and breathe underwater.  I picked up a disposable underwater camera from the hotel and brought that along.  The pictures should be developed in the next few days, so I’m hoping I’ll have some good ones to share with y’all soon.

Between the two dives, I saw a lot of sea life.  At the end of the first dive as we were surfacing, a sea turtle swam right past my mask.  We saw some lobsters under the Volkswagon Beetle at the art museum.  At the reef there were tons of different fish and I’m pretty sure I saw a sea urchin in a little cave area of the reef.  We also spotted some sort of ray and I believe our guide called it a nudibranch.  He got super excited for this little snail looking creature and when we surfaced he told us that he’d only seen a few in his five years of diving here.  He was so excited for what we had no idea.  It was an incredible experience and I low key felt like a mermaid while swimming around down there.

I would highly recommend scuba diving as an excursion.  I did it through Scuba Caribe and they were so great and I felt entirely safe and at ease for the entirety of the dive trip.  I already cannot wait until my next dive.

We decided against going to the ruins or to the Isla de Mujeres (although the boat for my scuba dive took us to the dock of the island to pick up some other divers).  I think those trips would have been very cool too, but I love the water so learning to scuba dive was the perfect excursion for me.

Have you been to Cancun?  What’s a can’t miss excursion for you?

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