My 5 Advent Calendars

Hey y’all! I’m sorry I’ve not posted more often this week.  I ended up leaving my computer charger at home on accident and it’s the final week of my online class that I took for fun, so I’ve been busy with a paper and final assignments.

Anyway, seeing that we’re now a week into Advent, I thought I would share some ways that I prepare for the Christmas season.  Some of these calendars I’ve used since I was a child and some are new this year.

The first one is something I’ve had since childhood.  This little tree used to be a music box that would play “Oh Christmas Tree” but that part of it stopped working a few years ago.  Regardless, every day has a little drawer to open with a mini ornament to hang on the tree.  It’s a fun simple way to decorate and countdown to Christmas!

The next two are my way of keeping Jesus as the main reason for this Advent season.  I’ve used the Magnificat for Lent the past few years so I decided to get their Advent Companion this year.  I also picked up the Little Blue Book from my church last Sunday and it is working its way through the infancy narrative in the book of Matthew.

This next one is another that I have had since childhood.  After seeing the Nutcracker with my friends, I decided to pull out this old Christmas countdown.  Everyday there’s a little book to read with a part of the Nutcracker story in it.  By Christmas Eve, you will have read the whole story.  They double as little ornaments that you can add to the tree!

My final Advent calendar is a classic daily chocolate calendar that my roommates and I bought for the house.  It’s just a fun way to remember that Christmas is coming soon!

What do you do for Advent?  I’d love to get more ideas to use either this year or next!!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas [Part 2]

Happy December y’all!  I spent the weekend at the Nutcracker and my Dad’s Chorus’ Christmas show, so I am fully in the Christmas spirit!  Both shows were absolutely amazing!  I also helped my mom decorate the house so I thought I would share with you what we did so you can have some more decorating inspiration!  If you didn’t catch Part I of this series, check it out here!

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Cozy Crochet Crafting

There’s something special about fall that just makes me want to DIY everything in order to make the house as cozy as possible for the cool nights and upcoming winter.

I’m going to keep this post short, but I wanted to tell you about my latest project. A little over a month before Halloween, I started crocheting a fall throw blanket.  I was making great progress with it until I decided to start this blog and take an online class.  I dropped the ball the blanket, but both the blog and the class are totally worth it!  Progress is happening on the blanket, just slower than before.  Continue reading “Cozy Crochet Crafting”

Decorations You Need and My Halloween Home Tour

One of my favorite things is decorating for the holidays.  Halloween and Christmas are by far the best, but I sometimes struggle to find what I want for halloween decor.  I’m big on themes, but I’m not sure if I can define my Halloween decorating style’s theme.  The most popular Halloween themes would be cutesy, hokey, or even gory.  For lack of a better term, the look that I love is hauntingly beautiful, eerie yet elegant.

I’ve rounded up my favorite ideas as well as ideas, some that I would like to try and some that I have and love.  I’ll start with a tour of my current Halloween decor!

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