Fourth of July: 5 Patriotic Outfits, 4 Fun Facts, 2 Sweet Treats

Happy Fourth of July sweet friends! How are you celebrating America today? I’ll be at work today, but hopefully I’ll catch some fireworks tonight!!

In honor of all the different holiday parties and events today and this week, I wanted to share some outfit ideas for all the different events! I also wanted to share a super easy sweet treat that I made for out little work celebration today! Continue reading “Fourth of July: 5 Patriotic Outfits, 4 Fun Facts, 2 Sweet Treats”

Spring is Coming?

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are all having an awesome day so far.  I feel like it is finally FINALLY starting to feel like spring.  I tend to associate my  birthday with spring and that happened Wednesday.  Despite the fluctuating weather we’ve been having lately in Michigan, I think I can definitely say spring is in the air. Continue reading “Spring is Coming?”

The Top 10 of my 2018 Reading List

I love reading so much!  I didn’t do a very good job of reaching my reading goal in 2017, but I’m hoping this year will be better.  It’s one of my resolutions to set aside some time everyday either when I wake up or before bed to read a little bit.  In doing so, I hope to reach my goal of reading 36 books in 2018.  Of those 36 books I would like to read, these ten I’m sharing are at the very top of my list!

Continue reading “The Top 10 of my 2018 Reading List”