Brief History of Thanksgiving and My List of Gratitude

One of the things on my fall bucket list was to read up on the history of Thanksgiving.  We learned about it in school as children, but as time goes by, we forget some of the details.  So I read up on the 1621 harvest feast.

Thanksgiving as we know it today is a compilation of many different traditions that have been around for centuries.  What we think of as the “first Thanksgiving” is actually far from it.  There have been harvest festivals to give thanks all over the world!

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17 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Need to See

Have you figured out your Halloween costume yet?  Do you need some easy last minute ideas?  If so, you’ve come to the right place!  If not, you get to enjoy me looking silly in lots of different costumes and get ideas for the future!  I made most of these with clothes that I already owned or something that could be easily picked up at Goodwill or another resale store.  I’ve compiled a list of  17 costume ideas that are super easy and will not break the bank!  And guess what?!  It’s just in time for Halloweekend!

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Decorations You Need and My Halloween Home Tour

One of my favorite things is decorating for the holidays.  Halloween and Christmas are by far the best, but I sometimes struggle to find what I want for halloween decor.  I’m big on themes, but I’m not sure if I can define my Halloween decorating style’s theme.  The most popular Halloween themes would be cutesy, hokey, or even gory.  For lack of a better term, the look that I love is hauntingly beautiful, eerie yet elegant.

I’ve rounded up my favorite ideas as well as ideas, some that I would like to try and some that I have and love.  I’ll start with a tour of my current Halloween decor!

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