Fourth of July: 5 Patriotic Outfits, 4 Fun Facts, 2 Sweet Treats

Happy Fourth of July sweet friends! How are you celebrating America today? I’ll be at work today, but hopefully I’ll catch some fireworks tonight!!

In honor of all the different holiday parties and events today and this week, I wanted to share some outfit ideas for all the different events! I also wanted to share a super easy sweet treat that I made for out little work celebration today! Continue reading “Fourth of July: 5 Patriotic Outfits, 4 Fun Facts, 2 Sweet Treats”

DIY Great Gatsby Outfit

Happy Wednesday everyone!  This weekend was nothing short of crazy!  I drove home for my Uncle’s wedding and also brought home another car load of things to move home.  I spent a lot of the weekend working on organizing and putting away and just getting ready for the big move in May.  Then, we had an April snowstorm on Sunday night and Monday morning.  I ended up staying home for another day because of it! But life is back to normal now and I can’t wait to share with you all about the wedding!

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DIY At Home Spa Treatments

Happy Monday! I wanted to use today to share some awesome DIY spa treatment ideas!

My roommate, Keely, has been staying with her family and recovering from a surgery. Yesterday, I whipped up these recipes and brought them over to her house and we tried them out for you! They were all Pinterest ideas using essential oils. Keely also was kind enough to share her reviews of each treatment that we tried and I can’t wait to share her thoughts with all y’all too!

We started by diffusing 2 drops each of lavender, orange, cedarwood, and tea tree and queuing up a nice Spotify Playlist.

We made three treatments: lip scrub, foot cream, face mask. Everything was natural and each featured a different essential oil.

The lip scrub was made with raw honey, coconut oil, cane sugar, and lavender. I microwaved them together to be able to stir it more easily and then waited until it was solid again to use it. I eyeballed the ingredient ratio, so the ratios could easily be adjusted. We found that this could be easily used as a body scrub and it would be fun to experiment with different textured sugars. BONUS: It leaves your lips super soft and tasty! My lips had been very chapped before the scrub and today they still feel very fresh and smooth!

The lip scrub is good stuff. It smelled so yummy and made my lips feel so soft afterward. My suggestion for next time would be to make it a little thinner so it spreads easier.

Next was the tea tree foot cream. The recipe called for a half cup of vegetable shortening, but I used grape seed oil instead. With that you mix in a tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel and 3 drops of tea tree essential oil. This process was a bit messy, but it left our feet feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom. We rubbed the cream into our hands and legs too.

This one was my favorite. I loved the aloe in it because it made me feel like I had just come in from a long day at the beach with my toes in the sand. I loved how you could keep that one on and just let it absorb. It might be great at bedtime with socks on top!

The last thing we tried was the Frankincense face mask. This recipe calls for a tablespoon of raw honey, 3 tablespoons Greek yogurt, and 3 drops of Frankincense essential oil. I loved the smell of this and it was very cooling. It is supposed to promote relaxation and remove imperfections. My face definitely felt refreshed and soft after washing off this mask.

This one was so yummy! What I loved most is that I knew exactly what was in it: simple and wholesome ingredients that I felt great about putting on my face. Face masks from the store can be so fun, but I felt better knowing what was in it. My skin felt so silky smooth afterward and it was glowing!!

We finished our spa day with nail polish, dinner, cake, and television and it was such a great day!

These treatments are amazing!! Such a good idea!! Such a fun and inexpensive way to pamper yourself. It’s like a day at the spa without having to spend a ton of money. I had the same clean and refreshed feeling as I would if I had gone to an actual spa!

I hope you enjoy these all natural DIY spa recipes! Do you have any spa recipes that you love using?

DIY Shelf on a Budget

Happy Wednesday!  Can you believe we’re almost through January already?  I wanted to share an easy DIY this month.  With the new year, many resolutions and goals are in place to spend less and save more.  This simple project is made with materials from the dollar store, so it’s definitely affordable and super cute!

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Healthy Living Friday – 1

Happy Sunday everyone!   I wanted to get this post live on Friday, but I disconnected quite a bit this weekend on a ski trip to Crystal Mountain and Traverse City.  I think that I’m going to start doing healthy living posts on Fridays.  These can be anything from recipes to tips to my experiences attempting to live a healthier, more natural and clean lifestyle! Continue reading “Healthy Living Friday – 1”

The Best Christmas Cookie Recipe

Merry Christmas Eve Eve everyone!  I hope you all have some time to relax and enjoy spending the weekend with family and friends.  If you’re still scrambling to find a recipe for cookies to bring to your many Christmas parties, you can breathe easy, I’ve got you covered!  If that’s not why you’re scrambling then you should just make some of these cookies to relax and know that I’m praying for you to have a relaxing and happy Christmas weekend!

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