It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas [Part 2]

Happy December y’all!  I spent the weekend at the Nutcracker and my Dad’s Chorus’ Christmas show, so I am fully in the Christmas spirit!  Both shows were absolutely amazing!  I also helped my mom decorate the house so I thought I would share with you what we did so you can have some more decorating inspiration!  If you didn’t catch Part I of this series, check it out here!

Every year, my mom creates a little winter village on this shelving unit!  It’s grown to cover three different areas this year!

This is the top shelf.  It has the biggest and most lit up pieces in her little town.

This is the bottom shelf.  It has all of the little buildings of her city and the cabin that I made for her one Christmas!

The middle shelf has an old nativity scene.  I like that it ties in the spirit of Christmas into her little town scene.

My mom added some lights, garland, and Christmas figurines to this little shelving unit to make it seasonal and festive.

We have a very simple Advent wreath for our kitchen.  We’ve had it for so many years that it’s just become a Christmas staple in our home!

Also in our kitchen, my mom decorates above the cabinets with old Christmas tins, red ornaments, and little figurines.

I love the pop of color that the poinsettias bring to this little window to the living room!

My mom is obsessed with this canvas that she found at a craft fair. The house looks like it is lit up and the twinkle lights around the house and on the tree change colors!

Our front room is where we keep the tree and main nativity scene.  It’s my favorite because it’s so cozy!!

Here’s a close up of our Nativity set.  I love that it’s just neutral and simple!

This is our tree.  We had some issues with the lights this year, but I like how it turned out!  It’s filled with three main kinds of ornaments, as follows.

We have a bunch of these smaller old fashioned style ornaments!  I love them!!

Then we have all of my mom’s Gone with the Wind ornaments!  She loves them and would dedicate the entire tree to them if she could!

The rest are mostly mine which consist of Disney, Tinker Bell, and other things I love! Like the Miser Brothers from The Year Without a Santa Clause.

We have our stockings hanging on the mantle above the fireplace.  Mine’s the red one with a reindeer on it! (;

Since our mantle is a wrap around, we have this little Disney train on the other side.  Each figure plays two Christmas songs and they all interact to sing and dance to it together.

On our piano we have some heavier ornaments and Christmas accents along with another Hallmark Disney band.  These ones do not need to be connected like the train, but each has two songs and they all interact to play the music!

We also got this Charlie Brown light set from Hallmark a few years ago.  The lights change color and interact with the songs that each character plays.  I paired them with the little Charlie Brown tree that I wrapped with one of my baby blankets.

On this little hutch, we have a vase filled with large poinsettias and one last Charlie Brown band. This one is also from Hallmark and plays lots of good songs.  {Fun fact: I worked at Hallmark many years, hence all the bands and ornaments hahahaha}

On the door to my room I put this wreath that I lit with a little strand of lights!  It makes the entry nice and festive!

In my room I have a little white tree with some meaningful ornaments from my childhood.

It has some homemade craft style ornaments.  This one is from when I was two in 1997.

It also has a lot of frame style ornaments.  This one I made in preschool!

Since I don’t live at home full time, I don’t have my little bar cart/corner set up yet, but this is a sneak peek of ideas for next year!

The last thing I have is this cute sign and this fun button which allows me to control all of my Christmas lights with the push of the lever.  (Yes, it’s from Hallmark too!)  Here’s a video of how it works!

Dad was busy with his Christmas show this weekend, otherwise we’d have lights up outside too and probably some Star Trek ornaments on the tree, hehe!

I hope you enjoyed this tour of our Christmas decorations! Have you finished up yours?

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