17 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Need to See

Have you figured out your Halloween costume yet?  Do you need some easy last minute ideas?  If so, you’ve come to the right place!  If not, you get to enjoy me looking silly in lots of different costumes and get ideas for the future!  I made most of these with clothes that I already owned or something that could be easily picked up at Goodwill or another resale store.  I’ve compiled a list of  17 costume ideas that are super easy and will not break the bank!  And guess what?!  It’s just in time for Halloweekend!

Classic Black Cat: This one is super simple! For this look, I dressed in all black (shirt, pants, and shoes).  You could easily take this a step further by painting your nails black as well!.  For the make up, I drew on the cat nose and whiskers, as well as cat eye eyeliner wings.  I put on a nude lipstick for this, but I think a light pink would look cute too!  I finished the look with two messy buns to represent the cat ears.  You could easily replace these with a cat ear headband, but I like the look of the buns for a twist on the classic look.




Professional Athlete: I think that this is such a fun costume.  If you have a jersey for any athlete this is super easy.  For me, I’m a huge Bears fan so I grabbed my jersey and socks, paired them with black leggings, a cap, gym shoes, and black stripes on my cheeks.  If you have a football or helmet you could easily add that.  In a similar sense, if you are repping a different sport you could bring the appropriate sporting goods (for example a baseball bat or a basketball).  Go team!




Rosie the Riveter: This is another classic look and easy as pie.  I simply grabbed a red bandana and denim shirt with rolled up sleeves.  I paired it with high waisted skinny jeans and nude pumps.  It could just as easily be paired with black pants and combat boots.  For the makeup, I used heavier eyeliner and an orange lipstick.  Then just bust out the Rosie pose and you’re good to go!




Cowgirl: I’ve definitely used this costume multiple times over the years.  There are so many variations you can do with this costume.  The base is a plaid shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots (or something similar).  This time, I used a bandana as a headband with my hair down.  In the past I have done two braids in my hair (especially when it was longer) with either the bandana or a cowboy hat.




Charlie Brown: To recreate Charlie’s classic look, you’ll need brown shoes, mid-calf socks (either white or yellow), brown capris (only a little skin should show on your legs), and a yellow (preferably collared) shirt with a zig-zag around the middle.  Finish the look with your hair pulled back and his little curly hair drawn onto your forehead.




Charlie Brown’s Halloween Costume:  I threw this sheet on over the previous Charlie Brown costume.  To make Charlie’s ghost costume, simply stick black “holes” all over a white sheet.  Grab a brown paper lunch sack with a rock it in.  Pull the rock out of the bag and announce, “I got a rock.” Now you can be Charlie Brown on Halloween too!




Painter/Artist:  I actually really like this one a lot.  The outfit was super comfy and the costume turned out pretty cute.  For this look, I wore my purple converse, colorful pants, a white shirt, and an oversized denim shirt.  I finished it with a paint brush behind my ear, a notebook and another paint brush in my hand, and (face) paint smears on my face.  I probably could have added some “paint” smears to my hands as well.  Super easy.  Super comfy.  Love it!




Modern Disney Princess:  This is a fun and creative option.  For my example I chose to modernize Ariel.  In her mermaid form, her recognizable colors are her green tail, purple top, and of course her red lips and hair.  I chose to wear Sperry boat shoes because of their neutral color and association with water.  I finished my modern Ariel with one of my Disney Dinglehoppers (fork!) combing through my hair.




Sleepy Baby:  This is a fun cozy outfit perfect for a night of handing out candy to trick-or-treaters.  I grabbed my favorite footie pajamas and teddy bear and I’m ready to go to sleep!  If this is a look you’re interested in trying out, here’s my tip.  The cost of these pajamas significantly increase when you want adult sizes, and the adult sizes tend to not have the feet built in.  I am too tall to fit into the girl’s sizes, but can comfortably fit into a boy’s extra large! (For reference, I’m about 5’8″)



Nurse/Doctor/Scrubs:  The vast majority of my friends are nurses [this is a slight exaggeration, but I would say about 50% is accurate].  Because of this, I have plenty of access to scrubs.  These make an incredibly easy costume and surprisingly comfy.  I threw on a pair of comfy blue shoes to match the scrubs.  You could pair this with any nurse or doctor equipment or even a scrub cap (ferry boats for McDreamy anyone?) to add more details.  I also would definitely have used my lab coat with my name on it, but it is back home at my parent’s house.  I’m attaching an old picture of me wearing the coat for my class in high school here.  –>




Superman/Clark Kent: I love the idea of this costume! Superman is my favorite superhero, so why not be him as Clark Kent.  To make this costume, I wore my superman shirt under a business casual outfit.  I made sure to wear my Ray-Bans  to look like Clark Kent.  Pull open your business shirt to reveal the superhero inside!




80s WorkoutThis is probably what I will wear to hand out candy this year.  I made this outfit in high school for our spirit week, but as my mom and I were cleaning out our closets, we found this long t-shirt straight out of the 80s that works perfectly for the outfit!  I’m wearing white sneakers, black leg warmers, pink tights, black shorts, and this awesome shirt!  In high school I wore a heather grey 3 quarter sleeve length shirt.  Finish it with teased hair pulled into a high side ponytail.  Bonus points if you crimp or curl then tease your hair.




Pumpkin: This is such a fun costume that can easily be worn to work.  I used felt to create the jack-o-lantern face and trimmed it with a green collar and green bow in my hair.  This was my last minute costume two years ago, so here’s a picture of me with my long hair and my mom on Halloween!  I wore the pumpkin sweatshirt with jeans and converse.




Obnoxious Tourist:  Looking through old photos, I came across this gem that my friends captured of me on one of our Disney vacations.  It’s so easy to turn it into a costume.  Grab a map and throw a camera around your neck.  Brownie points if you wear an open floral short sleeve button up with khaki shorts, and tall white socks with gym shoes.




Peter Pan:  Honestly, I think this is one of my favorite costumes I’ve ever worn.  I made Peter’s hat with green felt and made a red feather with foam cardboard.  I cut some jagged edges and a collar into an old green tee.  I then wore my green skinny jeans and Minnetonka moccasins that I have always liked to call my Peter Pan shoes.  Although the rest of my costume isn’t in this image, I also wore a brown braided belt above my waist and stuck a cardboard “knife” in the belt.  I wore green and red eye make up to complete the look based on this Pinterest inspiration.




I want to quickly interrupt this long list of ideas for a quick shoutout and huge thank you to my bestie and roomie for letting me use some pictures of her for these last two ideas.  Here’s a picture of us on Halloween last year!




011 from Stranger Things:  This was a fun costume to put together.  We used a pink dress that I had in my closet and her converse.  We then got some tall white socks and drew the green and yellow stripes on them with permanent markers.  We found the blue rain jacket at our local Goodwill and a cute kids shirt that we cut the collar off to use under the pink dress.  She’s a natural blonde so she just added  a few curls and some fake blood dripping from her nose. And voila, its Eleven!  Add some Eggos and you’re good to go!




Apocalyptic Survivor:   In the past few years of our friendship, I have introduced her to the world of The Walking Dead that I’ve been hooked on ever since my high school AP lit teacher compared it to Hemingway.  For her birthday last year, my dad helped me edit us into this TWD poster (check the center. I’m squatting and she’s to the right of me).  It’s an easy costume.  Just grab some beat up or dirty clothes and a weapon and you’re set to survive somehow.  I chose to wear my cowboy boots to channel the character Beth (4th from the right) and my friend is channeling more of the Maggie character (2nd from the left).  This costume could easily be made more specific by carrying a character’s classic weapon, like Daryl’s crossbow or Michonne’s katana.  If you’d rather go for a more gory look, you could be a walker (zombie) by wearing some tattered muddied and bloodied clothes and add fake blood to your arms and face.  Know what “injuries” you have or how you “died” to help make your walker more realistic.  For example add a limp and drag your foot due to show a broken bone near your ankle.  Perhaps have one shoulder higher and tilt your head toward it.  And of course, don’t forget the walker groan/growl.


Happy Halloween!  Are you planning to dress up?  What will you be?  Which of these do you like best?  Let me know in the comments below!

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