An Open Letter to My Dad on His Birthday

I’ve been a little off the radar this weekend because I was celebrating my dad’s birthday.  To commemorate his birthday today, I wanted to write him an open letter here on the blog.  I’ll also share a fun birthday cake protein shake recipe.

Happy birthday to the man that raised me.  You spent many daddy/daughter days with me crawling around the floor, pushing me on the swings, coloring, singing, helping me to learn and grow.

You taught me to be courageous and that I can do anything that if I put my mind to it.

You taught me how to be logical and how to figure out how things work.  Because of you, I feel confident that I can fix most problems that I encounter, or know to call you to help figure it out!

You passed on your love of music to me.  Without many, many years of singing and practicing music together, I definitely would not be me.  Music is a part of who I am and I have you to thank for that!

You’ve been there every day of my life and, with the help of mom of course, made me the woman I am today.  Thank you for all that you have done for me!

Happy birthday to the best dad in the whole wide world!  Here’s hoping that it’s the best one yet and for many more in the years to come.  I love you this much!      Love always, Daddy’s little girl

Without further ado, here’s the recipe for the protein birthday cake shake.  We tried it yesterday to help celebrate!  It’s sweet but yummy!! Enjoy!




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