The Best Options for Fall Fitness

Let’s talk about healthy living for a little bit.  This is something on which I am reasonably educated yet I still struggle with it.  I know that I need to exercise and probably cut back on the sweets and salts.  However, I’m not someone who will try a fad diet or grueling work out program.  I want to share with you some ways that make healthy living fun for me.

In terms of exercise, I do hot yoga, go on walks, and ride my bike.  I love walks and bike rides because they’re relaxing and I get to enjoy the beautiful fall weather.  But the weather is not always as nice as it was today, and that’s one of the reasons I love yoga.  I like being able to go to the studio where it’s warm and cozy and relax while working out.  I never thought I would like hot yoga.  I typically don’t do well in hot conditions and have a tendency to get overheated in the summertime.  However, the warmth and humidity allow you to relax into otherwise painful poses and gain a lot more flexibility.

My yoga studio offers two types of classes, slow and power flows.  The slow flow is dimly lit focusing on flexibility and holding poses with time for quiet meditation whereas power flow is bright and focuses on core strengthening and aerobics.  This class will really make you sweat and get your heart going.  Overall, I just feel like a better person after a yoga class and I highly recommend trying a class if you never have.

This month, my studio has been hosting a 30 Day Dare in which you win a tee shirt if you complete 30 classes between October first and thirtieth.  Because I’ve traveled so much this month, I am a little behind on completed classes and will have to double up most days here on out.  I’ll be sure to update you as the month progresses.

As for healthy eating, I love fruit, so smoothies with no added sweeteners are at the top of my list.  I also like finding recipes for healthy versions of not so healthy foods.  For example instead of double chocolate cookies, try avocado, chia seed, or black bean chocolate cookies.  I’m not saying it’s an equivalent taste, but sometimes you might find that you really like a healthy version of something. (:

My last tip is to check the sodium and sugar content of things that you buy at the store.  I always try to keep these as low as possible when buying groceries, especially in things like broth for soups.

Have you tried hot yoga?  How do you like to stay healthy in the fall?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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