Decorations You Need and My Halloween Home Tour

One of my favorite things is decorating for the holidays.  Halloween and Christmas are by far the best, but I sometimes struggle to find what I want for halloween decor.  I’m big on themes, but I’m not sure if I can define my Halloween decorating style’s theme.  The most popular Halloween themes would be cutesy, hokey, or even gory.  For lack of a better term, the look that I love is hauntingly beautiful, eerie yet elegant.

I’ve rounded up my favorite ideas as well as ideas, some that I would like to try and some that I have and love.  I’ll start with a tour of my current Halloween decor!

Without further ado…

Halloween Accent Pieces: I like adding simple accents around the house to give a room just a touch of fall feelings.

I added the pumpkin and wooden fall signs. The bowl is filled with ideas for fall activities.

Adding pumpkin candles to the tv stand makes the room cozier.

These are my favorite fabric coaster. They are reversible so they’re perfect for both fall and Halloween.

I got these super cute towels from the dollar section of Target! They pull the fall festivities into the kitchen.

I also like this Halloween towel in the kitchen. It’s a classic line and the burlap and orange is easy to fit with any kitchen design.

I added these simple accents in a cluster on my bedroom dresser. I like that they’re simple yet cute.

I got the three little pumpkins at my local farmer’s market and the Winnie the Pooh figurine at Goodwill.  I enjoy having the Netflix Fireplace playing to make the room as cozy as possible.

I repurposed two calendars to wall art. I change the pictures monthly, but I especially love the October images.

I’ve had this pumpkin lantern since I was a child. It casts a warm orange glow and reminds me of childhood.

Porch Decorating: The entryway is the most seen area for Halloween decorations.  This is where the trick-or-treaters will come to get their candy.  To me this necessitates perfection! 😉

These leaf window clings I’ve had since childhood as well.  I love that they’re simple yet classic.  I have black lights all around the porch, so the globes around the door are glowing only from the black lights.

I love this simple glow-in-the-dark Halloween banner.

I hung “freaky fabric” (cheesecloth) around the porch that glow in the black lights. This flickering candelabra also adds a touch of magic to the entry!

These floating candles are a simple DIY from this year.  I got these glowing candles from the dollar store and hung them using floss.  Although these candles aren’t as realistic as the candelabra, the floating is mysterious and magical!

I found this quote on Pinterest last year and found this chalkboard at the dollar store.  It makes for a cute and simple Halloween countdown that frames the front door.

I made this DIY wreath last Halloween.  Paired with the countdown, it frames the entry to the house.  It was a simple wreath that matched our burlap decor last year. 

Halloween Village: I haven’t added much to my village yet.  I hope to add more next year.  I like that this one has candles that light it up!

So far in my village, I have eerie trees and a “falling down” fence.  Three tiny pots that would be large in this scale.  I have a candelabra in one of the house’s windows, a pumpkin in one of the pots, and a bunch of witches’ brooms.  I was thinking of using one of my childhood dollhouses to turn into a haunted house for my village, but that will have to be a project for next year.

Inspiration:  Here are just a few of the ideas I’ve found on Pinterest that I’ve used as inspiration in what I have already done or would like to try in the future.  Enjoy!

Thanks for joining me for this Halloween decor tour!  What’s your favorite Halloween decoration? Let me know in the comments below!

PS. Stay tuned this week for easy last minute costume ideas, and more pumpkin spice recipes (Be sure to check out week 1 and week 2 if you haven’t already!)

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