Healthy Living Friday – 1

Happy Sunday everyone!   I wanted to get this post live on Friday, but I disconnected quite a bit this weekend on a ski trip to Crystal Mountain and Traverse City.  I think that I’m going to start doing healthy living posts on Fridays.  These can be anything from recipes to tips to my experiences attempting to live a healthier, more natural and clean lifestyle!

I wanted to share two healthy recipes that I’ve been loving this week! I made these and used them for my lunches and dinners for the past few days, before the ski trip, and I’m still not tired of them!!  In fact, I can’t wait to have some tonight when I get home.  Hope you enjoy them too!

For lunch I made a zucchini noodles with Thai peanut sauce.  You could easily use a rice noodle instead of the zoodles, but it felt fresh and healthy to use them.  With this recipe, I used two large zucchini for the noodles and got 4 servings out of it with the sauce poured over them all.  The sauce got pretty watery because of the water from the zucchini.  It worked out pretty well because I made the sauce pretty thick to begin with.  I will definitely be making this easy lunch again in the upcoming weeks!

For dinner I made some chicken ranch wraps.  I changed up the recipe a little bit in that I used two smaller corn tortillas instead of the bigger flour one.  I also use a spicy ranch dressing I found at Trader Joe’s instead of plain ranch.  They’re super easy to make and I just heat them on the stove top before I eat them.  It’s definitely a fresh and healthier alternative to Taco Bell and the like.  I hope you like them as much as I do!

Here’s to a fabulous week!  What’s a healthy recipe you’re loving right now?

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