Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Reflections: Hello November

Happy November! Rabbit rabbit rabbit.  Have any of you ever heard this term before?  It’s something my grandmother used to say and it has become tradition between my mom and her siblings and her and me too.  Our goal is to be the first one to say it to someone else.

I decided to look of the origins of the phrase this morning.  It’s a superstition that dates back to the early 1900s and the thought is if it is the first thing you say that month, it will bring you good luck throughout it.  We’re not a superstitious family, but I enjoy the game of it.  To me, it’s also a bit like saying “I hope you have a great month!” So, rabbit rabbit rabbit everyone!!

I wanted to talk a little bit about Halloween.  I had such a fun time getting into costume.  I went a little overboard though; one of the kids I babysit for did a double take when I picked her up from school.  It was fun then helping her and her siblings get ready to go trick or treating and reminded me of the hours my friends and I would spend running around our neighborhoods collecting as much candy as possible before the night was over.

After work, I set up shop on my porch with a giant bucket of candy.  It was fun to see all the costumed kids running joyfully around as I had done years ago.

My first Halloween circa October 1995

Our last trick or treater was a family that I babysit for time to time.  Their family dropped by and the little boy oohed and ahed at our carved pumpkins, running around the porch in his little monkey costume.  It was wonderful to have that sense of community to conclude Halloween.

My roommate and I ended the night watching This is Us, digging into the leftover candy, and eating some roasted pumpkin seeds.

Praying for all of you and for a wonderful November.



PS. Red cup season is upon us!!

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