The Best Christmas Cookie Recipe

Merry Christmas Eve Eve everyone!  I hope you all have some time to relax and enjoy spending the weekend with family and friends.  If you’re still scrambling to find a recipe for cookies to bring to your many Christmas parties, you can breathe easy, I’ve got you covered!  If that’s not why you’re scrambling then you should just make some of these cookies to relax and know that I’m praying for you to have a relaxing and happy Christmas weekend!

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5 Weeks of Pumpkin Spice: Week 1

I have decided to embrace all things pumpkin this year and what better way than to try three new pumpkin recipes each week (a breakfast, a snack or dessert, and a dinner) and let you all know how they turn out!

To start this series off, I have chosen Pumpkin Pie Smoothies, Pumpkin Spice Cookies, and Pumpkin Risotto with Goat Cheese.  I have been on such a smoothie breakfast kick lately so what better way to transition into fall.  Also, I am so thankful that the leaves are finally changing and it finally feels like fall here in West Michigan!  What better way to enjoy the weather than with a cup of tea and a yummy pumpkin spice cookie.  For the dinner dish, I chose a pumpkin risotto.  I haven’t made risotto in a while but I love the taste of it so I’m curious how it will be with this autumn spin. Continue reading “5 Weeks of Pumpkin Spice: Week 1”