Not Your Typical Valentine’s Gift Guide

Happy Monday everyone!  Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? How about This is Us? I watched both and both were pretty awesome!  I’m really happy for the Eagles on their win; I wasn’t expecting that so it was a nice surprise.

Today, I want to share some fun, unique Valentine’s gift ideas for all the important people in your life.

For Parents

Instead of just giving flowers or chocolates, put a unique personalized spin on it by creating a thumbprint heart mason jar to fill with flowers or chocolates.  Paint the jar white and then use red paint on your thumbs to create little hearts all over the jar.  It makes for a cute keepsake that will last long past the flowers or chocolates.

For Special Someone

Do you know their love language?  Play into theirs.  Regardless, I think quality time is a big thing.  Do something that you wouldn’t normally do together and go out of your way to make your person happy!

For Galentines

I’m a big proponent for giving all things cozy here.  I’ve done candles, scarves, and chocolates in the past.  I’ve also done gifts of time together like a coffee or movie date.  I think the fun part is to make it personal and don’t be afraid to be silly.  Last year my friend gave me a gift of “4 steps to get a husband” with a candle, something to wear, chocolate, and a little heart shaped cake tray (so I could be a cute little housewife) with notes explaining the purpose of each item.  It was a simple gift made into something funny and memorable.  Think outside the box and be creative with the presentation of your gifts, no matter how simple!


For Kids

Instead of just giving candy and unneeded sugar, you could create a cute puzzle with a message written on the back of the pieces that you can read once it’s put together.  I still have a little one that my dad gave to me as a child and it’s so cute.  I think that quality time is also important here.  Do something small with your kids that they would love.  That could be as simple as a day spent outside at the park.

For Teacher

I saw a cute idea that you can give a gift that says, “I’m tickled pink that you’re my teacher.”  It’s then filled with all sorts of pink gifts from erasers and gum to highlighters or even a pink Starbucks gift card.  It’s a cute way to incorporate Valentine’s day without putting major limits on what you can give the teacher.  Similarly I saw an idea that’s a little succulent or plant that says, “your love helps me grow.”  This could be a more versatile option in case the teacher doesn’t love the color pink. 😛

What are you giving people for Valentine’s day?  I’d love to hear your ideas!

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